“I have had a eleven year relationship with Bayer Builders during which time extensive renovations and various repairs were completed on my 100+ year old house. The Bayers have been in my home hundreds of hours. I have the utmost confidence and comfort with them and their employees being in my home and around my family. They continue to be the first I call because I have come to appreciate that they are consistently punctual, clean and all projects, large or small, are done in great detail. They have the ability to seamlessly merge the antique to the modern.”

Pamela C.

“Bayer Builders did an amazing job on our home renovation. The quality of their work and their service are why I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Alissa B.

“We have done several projects with Bayer Builders, including two kitchens, four baths, a basement and a detached garage with a bonus space above. Every project has been done with craftsmanship and integrity and we have come to rely on them to help us develop ideas and solve problems. We have loved the outcome of each project. Anyone who has done a renovation project knows how disruptive it can be to your daily life. Working with people that you trust and like is very important. From the very beginning, Don, Kurt and the rest of the team won our trust, respect and affection. We highly recommend Bayer Builders.”

Jannie & Jim B.

“I was impressed with the quality of work, friendly demeanor and professional courtesy of all who were here. Even my neighbor commented on the great care taken in removing the pillars.”

Barbara M.

“I highly recommend Bayer Builders Inc. to anyone who wants to do any remodeling of their home. We have had many home improvements performed by Bayer Builders over the last 15 years. We have never been disappointed with the results. They are a very dependable, do quality work, and have always completed each project to our satisfaction.

Most recently, in 2007, Bayer Builders remodeled three 1970’s bathrooms for us, completely gutting all three to the studs, and we are very happy with the results. We wouldn’t change a thing. Previously, Bayer Builders installed a skylight in my kitchen, installed and painted fiber cement siding on the outside of our home, hung new gutters and down spouts, and replaced three sliding patio doors. I am happy to say that to this date, we have had no problems with any of the above mentioned projects. The work was completed to our satisfaction each and every time.”

Carolyn T., Vandalia, Ohio

“Thanks for making all this (kitchen remodel) easy for us. Doug had some great ideas. The whole project went better than expected. I tell anyone who will listen what a great job you do.”

Christine A.

“Everyone was very pleasant, friendly and easy to work with. The communication was excellent. We were extremely pleased with Greg’s oversight of the project. We would recommend Bayer Builders in a heartbeat.”

Charley & Shelly F.

“This addition is exactly what we hoped for and we LOVE it!! I don’t know which I appreciate more- the excellent workmanship or the sweet personalities and integrity of you and your contractors. During those several months when you basically lived in my kitchen, and we could hear everything the other was saying, it really didn’t feel like such an intrusion, but more like I had a brother-in-law helping us out!I also appreciate your vision and input in helping us come up with a plan and working with us when we came up with changes.”

Jennie M.

“Very positive experience, the only surprises were positive ones. Since we were on a budget, good communication was imperative. We finished on budget (actually got a small refund.) Have since recommended Bayer Builders.”

D. Cobb

“We have done several remodeling projects over the years and have worked with other builders that I would not recommend. I am pleased to say however that I would highly recommend Bayer Builders to anyone for their construction needs. Bayer Builders remodeled our master bathroom several years ago, and our experience working with them was absolutely wonderful. If they had any questions on the work that was being done, they always asked. There were no surprises. The work was always done in a professional, workmanlike manner. The job stayed on schedule, on budget, and most importantly I never had to worry about coming home and finding something wrong. I wish I could say the same about some of the other building / remodeling projects we have done in the past. Bayer Builders deserve all the accolades on their website and more. In fact, what prompted me to write this review was the fact that regardless of the time that had elapsed since remodeling our bathroom, Bayer Builders came right out and took care of a loose faucet handle I discovered several years after they finished the project. It is a true testament to their integrity that they would come out several years after our bathroom was finished to take care of something. I was truly impressed and very glad we had chosen such an outstanding, reputable, reliable builder for our bathroom remodel.”

Karen B.

“Like they say, “time flies when you’re having fun!” It truly is hard to believe that our project has come to an end.  Marcie and I want you to know how grateful we are that you were able to be a part of our family’s “new home.”

When I sat down to write this letter, I wanted to give it as much time and attention to detail as I felt that you have given to us … my apologizes for its’ length.
I remember meeting Don back in February as he was putting the finishing touches on another remodeling project on our street. We had just begun the search for a contractor for our project. From those initial meetings, I was confident that we had found a contractor that would do a quality job. This was however, the first project of this magnitude that we have undertaken in our personal lives. We felt it necessary and in our best interest to stick to our plan of interviewing other contractors that were recommended to us. If Bayer Builders didn’t have me convinced before the pre-bid, they certainly did afterwards. You showed up for the meeting with your team that would eventually work on our home. You had studied the plans in detail and had numerous questions before even getting started. I think you knew the plans and contract better than I did. We spent the next several hours discussing scenario’s that could be potential issues. I knew that this detailed approach would provide us with a more accurate cost for the project. In all honesty, I had several contractors still to meet with, but in my mind I had already selected our contractor and I began thinking about price.

Once the bids had been submitted to the architect, Kurt wasted no time with his follow up. We began working with him on a revised contract and schedule that both parties were comfortable with and began talking starting and ending dates. Once the parameters were set, Kurt turned the project back over to Don and the demolition began. It was our responsibility / homework to have specific details selected such as sinks, fixtures, tile, handles, etc. You provided us with a very helpful calendar of deadlines. Within days, the living space that confined our growing family, was no more. Each day we would pick our sons up at school and their first words would be, “what did the guys do at our house today?” Due to your preparation, we really had only one surprise, our main support beam, which we had already known might be an issue. Don quickly came up with a solution and pricing. Since the beam would not pass an inspection, and increasing the ceiling height was one of primary goals, we elected to replace the beam. We relied on your knowledge and experience to help guide us with decisions regarding lights, cabinets and wall placements. If we had a question, concern or “Post-it”, you were always very approachable and always offered a solution. Our project was also our home and we lived in the basement and 2nd floor. While I’m sure this presented a challenge to you and your team, you made sure we were never without water and could safely move from one floor to the next. You even made sure the cat never escaped! The success of the finishing phase of any project relies heavily on scheduling. You had your network of finishers lined up and ready to go and the schedule went smoothly.

In the days since our project has ended, we miss the personal relationship that we developed you and your team, including the produce from your garden and the honey from your bees! We think very highly of the work that you did and the respect that you treated our family with and would recommend you to other families without any reservation. You and your team truly exceeded our expectations. Thanks again for taking a huge project and running it smoothly.”

Jim & Marcie


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